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Motorola Motomix – Rokr Festival

Motomix is a music, art and technology platform that takes place annually in various cities of Brazil. The 2008 edition (June) took place at Ibirapuera Park, in the city of São Paulo.

Client: Motorola
Act: General Coordination of the National and International Press Room
Date: 2008

Verão do Rio

The Summer Festival of Rio 2013, in Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania, started on 14/03/2013 and had Monobloco, Preta Gil, Baby do Brasil, Diogo Nogueira e Zeca Pagodinho, ending on the 23rd.

The scenography was in charge of Cristina Novaes and Liane Espírito Santo.

Client: Infinito e Girassol
Act: Set Designer
Date: April 2013