[Z] Eventos is also a decoration specialist. We take care of the whole identity of your event according to your planning and theme. 

For those who already have event planning but are looking for a differentiator, [Z] Eventos is here to help! Decorating an event is a key to your success and we can guide you through all the processes necessary to make your party decor perfectly match your planning. [Z] Eventos is the solution to make your event decoration look impeccable and meet all your expectations!


Taboola Party

A festa de final de ano da Taboola foi um sucesso! Organizamos toda a decoração e o buffet no Rooftop do Shopping Light 
Client:: Taboola
Act: Criação, Decoração, Pré-Produção e Produção Executiva
Date: 14 de Novembro de 2019


Feranda Jeans, Shopping Rio Sul

Inauguration and sunset party.
Inauguration party and launch of a collection of the FERANDA Jeans store chain for 250 guests.
Client: Feranda Jeans
Act: Make the showcase a bar for the guests. Idealization and Executive Production.
Date: November 2018

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Festa dos Heróis Safados

Client: Private Party for 1,500 guests
Act: Creation, Decoration and Executive Production
Date: October to December 2016

“MD 60” Private Party Celebrating 60 Years of Arrival in Brazil

Client:: Private Party for 400 guests

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Private New Year's Eve Party

Tramontina store opening

Leticia Birkheuer

The party that celebrated Leticia's 28th birthday to 500 guests took place on April 28th, in Boa Vista. With Buffet de Zazá at Home, Funk show with singer Naldo and DJ Rafa Nunes Music Set.

Bat Mitzvah

It was held on November 05, 2011 at the Botafogo ARI Synagogue, a special celebration for 400 guests. With the theme “Tree of Life”, in honor of the 12 important characters in Catharina Israel's life, a tree was made, where 12 candles were lit. The "Hoças Dances" were in charge of the animator Luiz Felipe and the Sound of DJ Marcelo Berman. In a giant panel, tribute was left by friends to always be remembered as a memory of the party.

Client:: Private
Act:: Creation and Executive Production of the Event
Date:: 05.11.11

Meeting with boat trip

Meeting with Drink for German Executives and Cocktail at Zazá Buffet at Home, aboard the boat with a tour at the end of the day.

Client:: Fifa | Agência Man In Rio
Act:: General Coordination and Executive Production.
Date:June 2013

Fazenda Inglesa's Birthday

Lunch for 80 people and the animation continued with a "Sunset Party" at 18h for 150 guests that advanced until the "Sunrise" at 6am!

Client: Private
: Creation and Executive Production of the Event
Date:June 2013